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Fixed: If an account name had trailing spaces, projects published on this account were unavailable. Fixed: A POP3 queue could stay locked [atest] waiting for some remote server data. Fixed: eMill server could crash when saving a project. It could occur when the list query add a join. Fixed: A large project log no longer take ages to display. Changed: The Reply-To message field is automatically removed from the message if it is the same as the From field. Enhanced: Router configurations are now saved in both script and native format.

  • This could cause errors to be logged to the System event log.


New: Notification messages can be customized. Improved: Mailing. Fixed: In the queues, folder that Vifwer not created manually did not appear automatically in the user interface needed to press F5 to refresh. Fixed: Statistics were randomly lost when processing a lot of incoming messages.

New: Multi devices per ticket can be restricted to total machines in addition to concurrent machines done at ticket profile level. Fixed: EWC: "Received date and time schedule" condition rule was not working due to a javascript error.

Improved: The new content wizard was improved and is more user friendly.

Fixed: Importing email addresses from an unstructured text file did not always import the last address. Fixed: eMill could not start if 'winfax. A complete distinguishable table can be made by mentioning the kind and involving the fields. The first one found is returned.

New: Ticket search. Corrected: ServiceKeeper could fail while trying to pause a service.

DBF Viewer Plus 1.74 Download [Latest] [2020]

You can make tweaks with the document as well in form of editing options. New: A new Start Page is now displayed once eMill is started.

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Fixed: Global script errors were not reported correctly in the web client. Fixed: A crash occured when testing an incoming rule on a remotely published project. Fixed: Directly aborted messages were not accounted for in the Send statistics. This resulted in sending the wrong [Latets]. Fixed: Regression from v5.

DBF Viewer

Fixed: Links within merge fields were not correctly encoded. New: A custom view can be created by multi selecting services and right clicking 'Create view from selection'. Changed: Operators with limited rights can now view routers state in the index page.

Encrypt Care 3.0 100% Working 2020 Fixed: Race condition that could cause eMill server to crash or lock. Fixed: Multiple connections limit was no longer enforced. Fixed: PayPal created tickets did not inherit the absolute expiration date and the budget reset values from the ticket profile.

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Fixed: Pasting of text containing only a LF or CR char as line separator was not working properly in the eMill text editors.:

  • Fixed: When importing a service configuration, services which had spaces in their path were not always properly imported.
  • Xml Data Source Wizard.
  • New: Possibility to filter traffic reports on a specific router.
  • ConnectString "password" for example.

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