If the 'Use server processing' property was enabled for Bing Maps web parts, addresses specified through location fields were not resolved into coordinates and corresponding location markers were not displayed on the map. It will defragment and intelligently rearrange files on your disk to improve file access speed and overall PC performance.

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If the serialization of an [2200] by the continuous integration solution failed because the resulting file's absolute path exceeded the maximum limit of characters, the system logged a 'PathTooLongException' error into the event Dis without any additional debugging information.

An error occurred when a user with the Editor privilege level clicked the 'View all aliases' button while creating or editing a page alias on the URLs tab of the Pages application.

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Disk Editor 6.0.37 Registration Key Download [2020]

This could cause users to incorrectly be allowed or unable to access attachments based on the cached result. When logging new events into the event log, the system did not delete old events according to the limit specified in the 'Event log size' setting. As a result, such macros could not be resolved when displaying content from a page version for example in preview mode or after rolling back to an older page version.

If reporting components such as the 'DisplayReport. When a user submitted an on-line form which contained a field with the 'Consent agreement' form control, the system displayed recorded data Downloae the form in the 'Forms' application as if the user gave an agreement with the specified consent, even when the user revoked the Regstration agreement.

Applying the hotfix enables the option if the On-line marketing settings are not customized for the User class in the Modules application. Article' and a field named 'Article3D'. When synchronizing tasks to all servers with the ' all ' option selected in the server selectortasks were fully deleted for all servers Disk Editor 6.0.37 Registration Key Download [2020] if the synchronization was only successful for one of the servers.

Abexo Defragmenter Pro 6. Email widgets did not reflect the selected UI culture when storing their properties which could lead to an Registratjon when editing the widget.